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Swindon Airsoft offers a complete after-market service, ranging from repair and upgrade work, through to custom gunsmithing and paintwork. We have over 30 years experience in airsoft and are regular skirmishers ourselves so understand the desire for skirmishers to make their own guns unique. From fitting a tightbore barrel to a standard gun, upgrading the spring to increase fps or short stroking and modifying a gearbox ready for an 11.1 Lipo; we can carry out the work ourselves or offer advice to those happy enough to maintain and modify their own guns.

Have an idea for a unique gun? Contact us to discuss. Our staff have built many guns over the years, from the Pulse Rifle seen in Aliens, building a G3 SBS, modifying guns to fit custom stocks or other parts, paint stripping and blueing for added realism or installing metal bodies, we can do it all.

Our repair work is done to the highest standards at very reasonable rates. The rates we charge are as follows:


All work that necessitates opening an AEG gearbox incurs a labour charge of 35.00, this covers labour up to an hour and a half, so is in line with our standard labour charges. This charge applies for upgrades such as spring changes or installing aftermarket parts or for replacement of broken gears and pistons. However as stated, the 35 charge covers 90 minutes labour, so if another task needs doing on that RIF and can be done in that time, it is also covered.

All other labour charges for work carried out are 24.00 per hour including VAT, timed in quarter of an hour intervals of 6.00.

If you would like more information on repair, upgrade or custom work, feel free to call us to discuss your requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable staff on (01793) 435999.


We can easily two-tone your weapon for use without a UKARA licence, simply add the two-tone option when ordering on the product page. If you already have a weapon and you would like us to two-tone it for you, please call us on 01793 435999

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